JJ ABrams Producing Sci-fi Movie The God Particle

Higgs Boson… one of my favourite scientific discoveries.

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Paramount and Bad Robot have tapped little know but well verse indie director, Julius Onah to helm “God Particle,” one of the more buzzed-about open project in Tinsel Town.
The Sci- fi feature is a $5-10 million budget

The story line is about an American space station crew left abandoned after a problem with a Hadron accelerator causes Earth to vanish entirely.

For those of you who are science geeks or curiosity seekers of the universe, you might already know about The God Particle. Check the video above that gives a brief detail description.

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The Energy Stored in a Gummy Bear

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Yesterday, we performed an experiment with a gummy bear to test how much energy is stored within it. First, we placed potassium chlorate, the most commonly used chlorate in industrial use, into a test tube. Using a torch, we heated the potassium chlorate until it turned into a liquid. After this, we placed the gummy bear inside the test tube. There were hissing sounds and lights as carbon dioxide escaped the test tube into the air.

Below is a video that shows what exactly occured:

The energy stored in a gummy bear.

This experiment demonstrated the significant amount of energy a gummy bear has because of the large amount of sugar present in it.




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Version 0.3.3, better rendering and electromagnetism


In this release I’ve written a faster rendering function that use in a more logical way OpenGl , so that’s possible to draw tons of particles in a very fast way. For showing this characterises  try the demo fountain that simulate a model of 250’000 particles (or watch the video above).

As second I’ve added the electromagnetic files force, and I’ve improved the electromagnetism support, so now you can simulate also some electromagnetic system like cathodic tube or valves. Watch the demo elmag_field that simulate positive and negative charged particles in an electromagnetic filed (type v for plotting the vector fields).

And the last new is the possibility to plot the vector field, if required.


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Chemistry That Mattered

Call Me Stormy

Chemistry is the study of matter — stuff and how it interacts with other stuff. Even though chemistry doesn’t make a lot of news these days, chemists are making discoveries that change lives all the time. If the SciShow‘s Hank Green had to narrow down all of chemistry’s flashes of brilliance into the most awesome experiments in history, he would narrow it down to these three.

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