The wildest creatures can come true! Edie Widder explains about Giants that live under the sea.

TED Blog

There are giants in the ocean, and we can prove it, begins marine biologist Edie Widder on stage at TED. Widder first became involved with TED when she gave a talk on life in the underwater world at Mission Blue in 2010, as part of Sylvia Earle’s TED Prize wish. There she met the late legendary filmmaker Mike DeGruy, who told Widder about his hunt for the giant squid. This piqued Widder’s interest, and thus began her newest journey.

Widder suspected that the reason it was so hard to find the giant squid was the vehicles that were typically being used to hunt them. Common remotely operated underwater vehicles, or ROVs, were simply too loud, and likely scaring a lot of animals away. Widder and her team developed Medusa, a camera platform attached to an optical lure that could be dragged along silently without a thruster or motor. The…

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